Have questions? You've come to the right place for information about the pool, swim training, fundraising, and what to expect at the pool.

Mills swimmers with medalsHow warm is the pool? The Mills College pool is chlorinated and heated to 81°F.

How many laps in a mile? Most of the lanes in the pool are 25 yards long. One mile equals 36 laps (72 lengths). In the shorter lanes in the shallow end, it takes 45 laps or 90 lengths to complete one mile. We have volunteer lap counters, or your friends and family can do it, so you don't have to count while you're swimming.

I’m not a great swimmer. Can I still participate?  Yes! The Swim A Mile is a non-competitive, no-pressure event. You can actually swim less than a mile, or even walk your mile in the shallow end. It's all about having fun and giving back to your local community.

We can also help you become a better swimmer -- you'll find safety tips, training guides, and a schedule of free swim clinics offered by the Mills swim team here.

How do teams work?  The benefits of registering as a team are basically to increase the fun factor for yourselves. Team members swim together if each team member chooses the same time slot during the registration process. Team fundraising acheivements are measured, though keep in mind that the registration fee and the minimum fundraising expectation are both determined per person and are not dependent on the number of people in your team.

What are the registration fees? How much money should I raise?  The registration fees are $15 for children under 18 years of age and $25 for adults. Each swimmer under the age of 18 is asked to raise a minimum of $100. Adult swimmers are expected to raise $300 each. (Returning swimmers take note: this is different than the previous structure, with minimums and registration fees based on team size.) Adults who fall short of the minimum will be charged the difference on November 30. Children who raise more than $250 and adults who raise more than $1,000 before Swim A Mile weekend will receive a terrific prize!

How do people donate to my Swim? They can donate online by credit card via your personal page, by sending a check with your name in the memo to WCRC, or by giving you donations to send in prior to the Swim, if possible. Mail to WCRC, 5741 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609. Please do not send cash through the mail.

Will my donors get receipts for tax purposes? WCRC will provide tax receipts to all credit card and check donors, and, if you provide your donor's name and contact information, to your cash donors as well.

Need more help fundraising? Click here.

What time should I arrive? Please plan on arriving about half an hour before your assigned swim time.

What should I bring? Bring your family and friends for enthusiasm and support. Bring in any checks that you haven't mailed in yet. Bring the basics: goggles, towel, bathing suit. You can bring paddles, buoys, fins, kickboards, and other aides -- just no floaties for kids. Bonus: we’ll give you a swim cap at check-in!

What should I leave at home? Please do not bring alcoholic beverages or glass containers, or wear fragrances or other scented products. Service animals are welcome, but no pets, please.

How many swimmers share a lane? You should expect to share the lane with 2-4 other swimmers. We do our best to match you with swimmers of like speed, but there will be times when swimmers need to pass each other. Please do this at the end of the lane, and not in the middle, and communicate with the other swimmers as needed.

There's more information about the Swim A Mile weekend here.