S and A Lopez


When You Arrive at the Pool (directions HERE)


When you arrive, check in at the tables outside the gate to turn in your funds raised and pick up your swim speed card. Then come on in and pick up your t-shirt and swim cap. If you've raised more than $1,000, pick up your prize. Get a snack if you like, fill your water bottle, commemorate loved ones with a healing card on our tribute wall, and change into your swim suit -- whatever you need to do to get ready to swim.


When you're ready to swim, bring your swim speed card to the lane director at the far end of the pool. 


Thumbs up!

Swim, dance or water-walk your laps. We'll be cheering you on along the way. You’ve put in your time training – or not! The important thing is to relax and enjoy yourselves. The Swim A Mile is a beautiful and meaningful event, and we hope you'll participate without pressuring yourselves to finish in a certain amount of time, or perfect that flip turn you've been working on.

Please keep in mind that you will be sharing a lane with at least two other people. You'll be swimming in a circle, always swimming on the right side of the lane. Be mindful that despite our best efforts, you will not be matched perfectly with others in your lane. If someone is catching up to you, take a short break at the end of the lane so that the faster swimmer can pass you. If you need to rest at the end of a length, hang out in the corner of the lane to allow room for the people turning. If you're the faster swimmer, please pass carefully. 

When you're done, relax and enjoy the community, have a meal, and cheer on your fellow swimmers. Soak in the hot tub or have a short massage from one of our volunteer body workers. Visit the WCRC table and learn more about the agency you're supporting. We hope you leave tired and happy, with a heart as full as our own.