Thank you for fundraising!

The Women's Cancer Resource Center supports more than 5,000 clients every year with 100-percent FREE services. The Swim A Mile for Women with Cancer raises more than one-third of WCRC's annual budget.(Swimmers, you're amazing!)

How do people donate to my Swim? They can donate online via your personal page, by sending a check with your name in the memo to WCRC (5741 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609), or by giving check donations to you to turn in.

Good to know:  Employers give, too. Ask about a matching fund program at work and double your fundraising efforts! Ask your own employer, and check with your supporters to see if their employers match gifts as well.

How do I keep track of my donations? Each swimmer has a personalized webpage that will show all donations received. Have fun making this page your own with photos,messages, etc. NEW! Your participant center has a place where you can keep track of your checks by writing in the donor's name and donation amount of each check you receive. Once they are received by WCRC, they'll be confirmed by our staff and appear on your list of donations. 

What about cash? Please don’t send cash through the mail. Write a check to WCRC for the amount of cash you received. Mail or deliver donations to WCRC (address above) prior to the Swim, if possible.

Will my donors receive receipts for tax purposes? WCRC will provide receipts to all credit card and check donors, and, if you provide your donor's name and contact information, to your cash donors as well.

How much does each swimmer raise? The sky's the limit, but all adults are required to raise a minimum of $300. If you fall short, the difference will be charged to the card you provided at registration on November 30. Children who raise more than $250 and adults who raise more than $1,000 before Swim A Mile weekend will receive a terrific prize!

Fundaising SuccessI don't know much about fundraising. Where do I start?

Get to know WCRC. Before asking people to sponsor you, it helps to know about the services that WCRC provides.

Create a list of people you want to ask for support. Pro tip: ask everyone -- friends, family, members of your faith community, your coworkers, doctor, manicurist -- everyone. So many people's lives are touched by cancer, and they may be eager to support the cause or pay tribute to a loved one through their donation. You won't know until you ask!

Send your letter or email. You can upload your contacts to your participation center on the Swim A Mile website. Send out an email to share your personal reasons for getting involved. We've even written that email for you, and you can personalize it however you like.

Fund-raise on Facebook. Other social media sites are also a great way to let your friends know you are participating in Swim A Mile for Women with Cancer. Post a note and tag your friends in it. Your status updates will alert friends to your fundraising and swim training progress. Paste the link to your fundraising page and ask for donations.

Ask in person. Just remember that people want to know why this is important to you. Share your personal reasons for getting involved. Carry your donation tracking sheet with you – all the time! You will be amazed to find support and generosity in unexpected places.

Audience appeal: Ask your local community groups (e.g. faith communities, professional organizations) if you can make a brief presentation and pass out donation forms at their next meeting, or post an announcement in their newsletters

House party: A quick, easy and FUN way to raise your $300! The House Party Manual (doc) tells you how to organize a successful house party. Other great ideas can be found in this gem by fundraising guru Kim Klein.

Follow up! After someone has donated, be sure to follow up. This shows your sponsors that you are committed to the Swim. Give sponsors phone or email updates or send newsletters about your training and/or fundraising progress.

Thank your sponsors for their support and let them know how you did. WCRC will send an acknowledgment letter too, but sponsors love to hear from you directly.

Thank you!